Know The Importance of Using Bitcoin Charts

     Bitcoin is increasingly gaining prominence because of its convenience, as well as person-to-person transaction style. It is viewed as an effective platform that secures savings against forces that may be looking for opportunities to leak an individual's hard-earned money. Therefore, using mathematical manipulation and simple calculating methods on computer programs, can help a great deal in securing savings efficiently. It is often considered the latest advancement in currency. As a result, it is gaining popularity as an effective digitally based repayment system without the involvement of physical currency.

Its Creation and development

This is a concept that involves the use of crypto-currency, first described by Wei Dai in 1998. The concept recommended this new form of currency that uses cryptography and transactions as opposed to a centralized authority. Specification and proof was later published in 2009. Today, the community has grown as more developers continue to work on it. Furthermore, more developers continue to change the first version of the software creating better versions adapted to the changing market.

Using the chart

Any investor seeking to exploit the benefits facilitated in this market should know how to use a Bitcoin chart for analysis. Furthermore, investors should learn how to use its calculator. A lot of hype is often created around the software's value because information can be deciphered easily. According to existing records, the value has reached impressive heights of $1,242. This has led to a situation where more companies have introduced facilities and designs that accommodate the use of the software to their current systems. Furthermore, many companies are working towards this new style of transaction, to encourage their counterparts and customers. This is a strong sign that it shall continue to gain prominence in the financial market.

Types of charts

They are different types of charts including charting information on the available Bitcoins in circulation, total transaction fees, market capitalization information and types of different transactions. Ideally, investors are encouraged to learn how to use different types of charts. These charts are created to show how information on an individual subject in a comprehensible and easy way. The charts allow investors to assess a situation without reading lots of technical material. The charts help investors to view and understand important information holistically, at a more accurate and quick rate. Therefore, knowing how to use these charts allows the user to undertake better hedging exercises, in turn giving better savings.

Legality of cryptocurrencies has been one of the major point of concern in India. It has kept many investors on a side where people think that investing in cryptocurrencies might put them in trouble or they might even lose their money. This is completely a hoax as investors have been involved in this excellent money multiplication process for a quite long time.

If we keep aside the ponzi MLM based projects in India or world and we choose the cryptocurrencies wisely, definitely there are no issues as such. Still, for those who are still worried about this upcoming vibrant market, I will try to cover all aspects of legalization of cryptocurrencies in India.

While China has banned the cryptocurrency trading already to come up with regulations, Japan took the first initiative to regulate these currencies. USA and Australia are already setting up the guidelines to regulate as soon as possible.

Fintech Valley Vizag, the flagship initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh, J A Chowdary who is IT advisor to the CM are involved in creating a firm foundation for the Indians to evolve and adopt blockchain technology. Plans are also being made to open schools to teach blockchain to the young generation. So, when this level of strategies are being made and getting implemented, you can understand the country is welcoming blockchain and the projects based on it. Definitely the cryptocurrencies as well are going to be regulated soon.

Speaking at a fintech event by KPMG, RBI executive director Sudarshan Sen said "Right now, we have a group of people who are looking at fiat cryptocurrencies. Something that is an alternative to the Indian rupee, so to speak. We are looking at that closer". Statements were released that RBI won't take any responsibility for the investors going for the cryptocurrencies. As the Indian government watches the domestic growth of cryptocurrency with a mix of apprehension and intrigue, local startups are leading the way in incorporating bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into India's lofty digital ambitions. If you see closely, you'll find that various crypto projects are already functioning in the market like Indicoin (a cryptocurrency) and Zebpay (a bitcoin exchange).

Particularly, Indicoin just finished their presale and ICO successfully and sold over 95% of the total available tokens. The figure clearly indicates that the investors not only from India but from all over the world have shown huge support for the project. Indicoin is going to be traded on HitBTC and various other major exchanges worldwide. So, even if the regulations are taking some time to come in, the investors can trade with Indicoins. The transactions are not in fiat currency so there is no damage caused to the national law as such.

Zebpay, a bitcoin exchange is active from a long time. They have the permission to function in the market and they have been doing great! So, if the projects like Indicoin and Zebpay can set a platform and attract their customers creating sound awareness, this will catalyse the investments in cryptocurrencies in coming time.

Now if you visit bitcointalk and try to find regulations in India, you will notice the expert comments, out of all maximum contains the motivation to continue trading in cryptocurrencies.

India of course, isn't a communist country like China where only one regime decides the fortune of the country. It is a democratic country and if the whole system welcomes the cryptocurrencies, the government cannot deny that. All of us know that what potential is contained in the cryptocurrencies and definitely it's going to raise the economical grounds of the common man.

The regulations are at the door, the framework will soon be effective once the committee decides the norms that has to be set Whatever might be the regulations, one thing is sure that the trading isn't going to stop and the projects like Indicoin and others are going to create a great hype in the market. So, I think everyone should buckle up and get ready to witness the whole new era of virtual currencies and digitization. It is going to be all different and better, right?

How to Create a Money Making Website

Does your website make money? Does your website provide you with weekly or monthly income? Or is it the other way around? If you are spending money in your websites with yearly fees from your hosting company and domain name renewal or spending money for hiring web designer to update or modify every time you change your mind without getting any cash in return from it then indeed, your website is taking money from you.

Not unless your website are just for nothing but for online presentation of what your company is all about or just a website for something that you don't need any income from it then its OK. But if you are one of those who are sick and tired figuring out on how to make money online then let me show you some ways on how to create a money making website.

A money making website using AdSense - Having a Google AdSense website is a great way to make money online. Create a website that is filled with information that people is attracted to read. This increases high probability of being interested in the targeted ads. Every time someone clicks an ad then you get paid. People loves to read and read all you have to do is find out what is a good topic to write.

A money making website through Affiliate Marketing - This is another great way to make money as well and work on the same premise of AdSense. There are many websites that offer affiliate programs with high commissions. I know because I am an affiliate Marketer and it really generate a good income.

Affiliate Programs have different options for you to choose from in order to get paid and these are:

PPS - Pay Per Sign-up or PPS is when you let people sign up to that certain website for a subscription. Once they are confirmed and paid a membership subscription then you get paid.

Revenue Share - This is when the person you refer purchased a certain product then you get a commission. And as long as this person is continue buying products from that website where you are affiliated, you also continue to receive a your commission. Some website offer 25% up to 75% revenue commissions.

Referral - Refer another person to sign up as affiliate and you get commission from their earnings. The more money they generate, the more commission you get.

A money making website selling products with resell rights - This is a good business online using your website. All you have to do is find products that has a resell rights and make money from it. Products that have a resell rights will not limit you into ideas that you can make to generate money from it. You can use the product for personal, clients or simply resell them to whatever price you think is good either by bulk or by piece. A good example of products that has a resell rights is a Website Templates. With this product, you can use it for personal, for clients or for resell.

There are many ways on how to create a website that makes money and what I gave you are only amount the few of them. You just have to study and get familiar in each of them to get you into business. Pick any one of the options to start. Then once you are familiar with it then you may try again the other methods I mentioned. Once you get along with it then one day you will wake up having a website that generates a good income and you will be thinking for more ideas on how to create a money making website.

I was in a shop the other day to get some yoghurt; something that is very easy to do, don't you think.

The yoghurt was not for me, but for my wife. There were 27 varieties to choose from and I stood there getting more and more confused. I was about to give up the hunt for the right product when out of the corner of my eye I saw the magic words " three for the price of one" so I bought those (which happen to be fine as far as my wife was concern)

What does this all mean as regards building a website: What is wanted are eye catching clear words. When people click on your site they are not going to stay there very long if they have gone there for something pacific and cannot find it, for instance "shampoo" of which there are many different types. If your site is not clear as to what is on sale and what cost what, then people will leave your site and not come back.

When you design your website make sure it is professional and sharp. You must keep your website as basic as possible, you do not need a lot of high kicking stuff that you might see on other sites. People will be after detailed, relevant information and not a firework display.

Do not use a fancy font; new roman or courier does the job because it is clear and easy to read. Your domain is your most important business decision that you will make as regards your website.

Try and get and get the name of your main product right in there. Do not go for that is way too board. Be precise like That way you will get more target traffic ready to buy You will not get so much traffic but they will be people who want what you are selling.

Film Studies and Religion

While few critics and film theorists have investigated religion in the cinema, one of the greatest film critics, Andre Bazin (2002), writes, 'The cinema has always been interested in God', usually with the most spectacular aspects of the history of Christianity. He argues that Catholicism has a 'natural affinity' with cinema with its formidable iconography and that these features have given rise to films that are successful but religiously insignificant because they have to work against these spectacular elements, focusing instead on the psychological and moral deepening of the religious fact, leading to a renunciation of the physical representation of the supernatural and grace. Bazin's remarks are not applicable in the context of the Indian 'religious genres', in which I believe films are, in fact, religiously significant while also being highly successful commercially. Hindu iconography and its relationship of the image and the viewer have, perhaps, an even greater affinity with cinema and the conventions of Indian cinema, whether or not the operation of a melodramatic mode or its sequence of 'attractions' (see Dwyer and Patel 2002) subordinate the spectacular to the other requirements of cinema.

While it is widely acknowledged that the film itself has a mythological nature and is a creator of new mythologies, we also need to consider whether, as critics such as John Lyden (2003) have argued, cinema is almost a form of religion, as, like religion, it presents and examines images, relationships, ideas, beliefs, desires, fears, and brings to them its own specific forms such as the quasi-divine figures of the stars (see Lyden 2003). Cinema also has a certain mystical quality in that we may not understand films but we feel them and respond to their emotions. However, Hindi cinema's very disavowal of certain forms of realism and its unique modification of the melodrama allow the eruption of the religious, sometimes as images actively engage in the drama, often as a hierophany, that is the appearance of the religious in the everyday. Very few films show an absence of the religious, and many that seem to have some 'secular' patterning of divine order through the operation of fate, virtue and redemption reshape these into meaningfulness by their divine or superhuman qualities, while also emphasizing the spirituality of the individual.

Film theory has also given little space to the study of religion. The concerns of many film critics are mostly with the modern and postmodern forms of subjectivity, audience and the dominance in recent years of psychoanalytic and feminist criticism. Scholars of Indian cinema have examined the form of film, its history, its social context and its relation to politics, in particular its relation with nationalism, but rarely discussed the spiritual realm; in fact there has been almost no research on religion in cinema in India.9 This is not surprising given how little research there has been on religion and cinema in general.10 Most books on religion and cinema are concerned with 'religious' films or with the depiction of spirituality in films, mostly drawing on Judaeo-Christian thought. This writing tends to focus on the image of Christ or on theology. There is yet to be a body of work that examines the non-Abrahamic religions in cinema.

My own reluctance to examine religion in Indian cinema has been due to wanting to avoid seeing religion as the essence of India, a Dumontian view of India's cultural difference. The idea of discussing religion and Indian cinema is usually taken to mean a study of representation of religious communities, religious nationalism and religious films, a political approach which I have discussed only where appropriate to the broader areas of my study. However, as there is interest in the current worldwide religious resurgence, which has been studied more in media other than cinema, it is likely that the academic study of the Hindi film will increase.

Daoism is an organized religion native to China. It's known as both Taoism and Daoism. However, the pinyin style of translating Chinese is the official standard now so all future publications spell it as Daoism.

The root word of Daoism is Dao, usually translated as the Way. The word Dao isn't unique to Daoism. Confucianism, and other Chinese traditions also used the word Dao. In a sense, it is sort of like Truth or Dhamma or Way of Life. Each group argued over what the Dao was. But Daoism particularly adds a particular meaning to the word.

Daoism involves ideas of naturalness, simplicity, and going with the flow. Like Confucianism, it's extremely influential in East Asian aesthetics, medicine, health, cooking, and so on. You can see Daoist influences in Tai Chi Quan (slow, internal martial art), Qi Gong (body-mind energy work), acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and so on.

However, there is also a social, religious, and political part of Daoism involving complex rituals, priests, other worldly soul traveling, image meditations, and spells/magic.

Personally, I am a religious elitist in the sense that I'm not as interested in the "popular religion" or "folk religion" aspects that are often talked about. I learned about Indian and Chinese religions from a philosophy department so my focus is more on understanding how the founders and most advanced members understood the world rather than what are local worship rituals or how a religion influenced politics. So, I'm going to focus mainly on the "philosophy".

Almost everyone identifies Daoism with the Dao De Jing by the author Laozi. Actually, there is a pretty good argument that we can trace Daoism even farther back to a Nei-Yeh text (Inner Trainings), but that has been a recent development. Westerners, starting with the Catholic Jesuits, understood Daoism as philosophy and religion and thought the religious side was a corrupted side. Today, scholars think there's a lot more interaction between the two.

At this point, I want to mention a problem when talking about Daoism or religions in general. Daoism spans over two thousand years. When Daoism or Confucianism or even Christianity began, no one called it by those names They were just following the teachings and practices of a spiritual teacher. As time goes on, a lot of things are assimilated, changed, or removed from the religion. So, for example, the idea of Yin and Yang that's often associated with Chinese thought wasn't particularly Daoist at first. Likewise, the entire pursuit for immortality or the magic spells were already around but got appropriated by Daoists. Today, Daoists including the monks aren't trying to reach immortality (as far as I know) just like most Christians don't believe in indulgences anymore.

I think it's partially justified because the Dao De Jing and Zhuangzi are very philosophical. There's no manual for beliefs or practices or rituals or priesthood anywhere in these texts. Arguably, Daoism and Confucianism began as ways of life and Daoism only later became what we think as a organized religion. Not to mention any book on Daoism will begin with Laozi and the phiolosophy before it goes into the religion.

Characteristics of Smart Racing Wheels

Any racing champion should have the knowledge of the best wheels that will keep his racing car rolling for many days. It is therefore important to know what characteristics every racing wheel should possess for it to be considered as the best.

There are a number of characteristics that a racing wheel should possess. This is because these types of wheels are not just like any other wheels. They are supposed to be unique so that they can speed up the racing car for one to win a race.

Some of these characteristics include:


The weight of a wheel is a very important consideration. The weight of the wheel determines the speed and the fuel consumption rate of the vehicle. A racing wheel with less weight will accelerate the speed of the vehicle. This helps because your vehicle will lead as the others follow. A wheel that is lighter also helps in reducing the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle. This means that with these light wheels, you are assured that the amount of fuel you put in your car will be enough and will not be over before you complete the race.


Racing paths are known to be harsh and have rough terrain. This is because racing is an offroad activity. This means that if you go out racing with wheels that cannot withstand great pressure; you might encounter punctures or even bent rims due to the hard rocks. This is why; you need racing wheels that are made of strong material for them to perform great on any terrain. Most manufacturers will advise you to get rims made of metal alloy because they are strong and do not bend easily. The tire should also be strong to avoid punctures.

Good heat emission

The more the speed a vehicle moves in, the more the heat it produces between the wheels. Too much heat can be harmful to the braking system of the vehicle. It thus needs to be emitted. This is done through wheels. Racing wheels should be good heat emitters. The racing vehicle will be moving at a very high speed, thus it needs its wheels to emit the heat to avoid brake failure.


The size of the wheel matters a lot. Every vehicle should be fitted with wheels of the right size. Racing cars are medium size and if fitted with extremely large wheels, they might be slower. On the other hand, if fitted with extremely small wheels, this might result to the same problem. That is why, the right racing wheels should be bought depending on the size of the car being used for the race. To achieve this, it is good to always ask for assistance from your manufacturer or mechanic.

All the above characteristics make up good racing wheels. You are guaranteed to lead in a race if you fix them on your racing car. You can get smart wheels from various wheels stores available in the market. An example is the American Racing Wheels store.

J Mary is an online article writer. She writes informational articles on trucks, wheels and related truck accessories. You can find more of her work on wheels at 4wheelonline page.

There are many ways to enjoy and take part in the world of horse racing. I've owned race horses and groomed them. I've exercised my own horses and have also spent a lot of time deciphering the mysteries of a horse race as a handicapper. It's known as the sport of kings, but believe me, it is supported by the racing fans and bettors, many of them who make small bets, rather than just the elite who the sport supposedly exists for.

Without the money that flows through the race track the sport would be very different. The thoroughbred breed was originally developed by wealthy and influential people, but human beings have been racing horses for thousands of years, long before the thoroughbred breed was developed. That means, that while the modern thoroughbred racing we see today started as a rich man's sport, it has its roots much deeper in the human psyche and in our history and it is shared by rich and poor alike.

Rich or poor, people of both genders and of all nationalities will always want to race horses. Some do it for the love of the sport and to feel the thrill of the competition while others do it as a way to gamble and live vicariously through the experiences of the magnificent animals and brave and talented riders. The art of handicapping a horse race is an intellectual challenge that appeals to people who like intellectual sports and figuring out a good riddle.

The problem is that horse racing is expensive. While many do it for enjoyment, it costs money to feed and care for an animal that weighs a half ton. Vet bills and trainer fees add up quickly. Therefore, while some people who own race horses do make a profit, many do not. The same is true of people who wager on horse races. Everyone can't be a winner. The track has to take a fee from the pools of money that the bettors wager in order to run the race track and pay the municipalities their share of the profits.

While the owners pay a part of the fee for maintaining the sport, the bettors pay a fee as well. Who benefits? A few people who wager make a profit and a few who own the horses make a profit, but most people who are involved as owners or bettors are losers. The money they lose is the price they pay for the thrills and opportunities.

Employees of the race tracks make a living and the towns and states that receive money from the races benefit as well. On the other hand, those towns and states have to provide services, so it isn't all profit.

If you decide to become a horse player you better factor that fee and the expense of playing the races into your financial calculations you approach the sport as both entertainment and a possible, though unlikely, source of revenue, you'll probably get a lot of enjoyment and a few genuine thrills out of your experiences.

It takes luck and sometimes hard work, however, to make a profit in dollars and cents. Your profit may be in the experience itself, but speaking as someone who has spent decades in the sport, I can truthfully tell you that time at the race track is time well spent.

In the Market for a Real Way to Make Money Online?

Plenty of Opportunities

You are reading this article today because you are actively searching for a real way to make money online. Sometimes it seems like making money on the internet is a scam or impossibility.

By the end of this article, you will have learned about multiple legitimate online money-making opportunities. You may be surprised at what you find out!

Check Out these Options!

1) Sell Stuff - Selling stuff that you own on the internet is definitely a real way to make money online. In fact, this is probably the most popular route.

Websites like eBay and Craiglist are dedicated to helping sellers find buyers. Unfortunately, unless you have a crazy amount of stuff to sell, this is not a sustainable business model.

If you are looking to permanently replace your forty hour a week job and make some serious money, I highly recommend going a different route.

2) Blogging - Believe it or not, blogging is a real way to make money online. Blogging can be profitable in a number of different ways.

Each of these money-making routes depends on a blogger's ability to attract traffic. Traffic is the number of viewers a blog has.

Once a consistent stream of viewership is established, you can monetize your blog content in a number of ways. In fact, companies and individuals will even pay you to host ads on your blog!

3) Affiliate Marketing - affiliate marketing is probably the most promising and profitable of the opportunities I'm touching on today. If you use context clues, affiliate marketing is exactly what it sounds like.

Affiliate marketers receive a determined commission percentage for selling a company's products. For example. has an affiliate program.

You can actually earn an income by marketing any of their products online. Considering the massive amount of consumers who use the internet to buy the items they need and want.

Affiliate marketing is a very real way to make money online; especially if you use a blog to promote your products!

Read this Before Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

As I mentioned before, affiliate marketing is a promising and real way to make money online. By learning to drive traffic whether using search engine optimization or paid traffic methods, you can make a serious amount of money.

That being said, I find it important to address a specific issue; commission percentage. While some products may be easier to sell, it may not be as advantageous to do so.

Why is this the case? Not all affiliate products or programs pay out the same amount. So before enrolling with an affiliate, be sure to read their compensation plan carefully.

While some programs pay their affiliate marketers more than 50%, others pay as low as 4%. If you're really looking for a real way to make money online, be sure to align your marketing campaign with a marketable product that pays its affiliates well.

I've made my living completely online since 2007. Hence, I receive a lot of questions from others who want to know how they can do the same. Following is one, which inquired me to write this article on "how to make money online" along with my answer. Query any successful online entrepreneur, and I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts they'll tell you much of the same thing.

Question from an Unhappy Full-Timer Who Wants to Quit Her Job and Make a Living Online

I can't tell you how happy I am I found your site. You are doing exactly what I want to do and you make it simple to understand. Because of circumstances I work 60-70 hours a week at a job I hate. What would be the best something small I can start with so I can cut back on my overtime and work my way out of my job. You offer so much wonderful information I don't know where to start. Thank You, L-

One Way to Make Money Online -- Free

In answer to her specific question about what small thing she should start with, my answer would be affiliate marketing simply because you can, in essence, make money online for free -- as in, you don't need to spend anything to start making money.

With that being said, following are some concrete steps you should take if you want to learn how to make money online. This advice applies to any type of online business you want to start because the foundational steps for success as an online entrepreneur are the same.

5 Easy Steps to Get You On Your Way to Making Money Online - No Matter What Type of Business You Want to Start


Many who want to strike out on their own fail to get started because they talk themselves out of it by putting roadblocks in the way. For example, they may say, I need to get a website before I start, learn how to update a blog before I start, get my logo designed before I start, do (you fill in the blank).

All this is is fear - and many fail to get real with themselves and recognize it because they think they're doing something, i.e. waiting to get a website done, etc.

The bottom line is, if you want to start making money online, don't wait for the timing to be perfect or to get "x" done, etc. The reason is the timing will never be perfect and you'll never finish all you want to do before you start.

You just need to start. Once you do, the excitement and momentum will usually keep you going - getting all those things done that you thought you needed BEFORE you started.


A pro -- and con -- of making money online is that there are one thousand and one ways to do it. I know this from personal experience, as I earn money online in several ways, i.e. as an affiliate marketer; writing and self-publishing my own line of eBooks; and as a freelance (SEO) writer for online businesses.

But you have to settle on a business idea - and stick with it. If you keep flitting from opportunity to opportunity, you'll ever make any real money online because you'll always be starting over.


In case you don't know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. And if you do business online, you need to know it because SEO is all about getting eyeballs to your site/blog/online presence. Without website traffic, you can't make sales.

And FYI, you don't have to become an "SEO expert;" knowing the fundamentals - and staying on top of them - is all you need to be successful. Once you start working your online business, you'll naturally learn more because you'll be reading what others are doing and trying out different things..


Once you get the fundamentals of search engine optimization under your belt, then you need to create a marketing plan With so many ways to market online, it's critical that you have a defined plan that you can afford to stick to - and work consistently (this is key to marketing - online and off).

Top Adventure Travel Companies In The World

Here are few best adventure travel organizations that provide a discriminating and interesting range of adventurous traveling plans. Hiking the Inca Trail, biking in Morocco and rafting through Grand Canyon are simply the shortest sample of experiences these organizations could provide customers. All their sites list specific adventurous trips, with elaborated travel plans, cost and pictures.

Gap adventures:

This company provides a choice of about 1,200 adventurous trip plans to all 7 continents. To find some discount rates on fascinating tours check out their "Specials" section.

Geographic Expeditions Adventure tours:

This company provides the portfolio of land trips, walks, treks and military ocean trips to the most impressive places in the world, ranging right from travels in Nepal, China and Vietnam to Ghana and Mongolia.

Austin-Lehman adventurous trips:

If you are anticipating adventurous traveling trips that children of all ages could enjoy, or tours only for you or for adolescents, consider this company. Austin-Lehman offers the hike, bike, paddle, climb, ride and Multi-Sport tours-- visit such beautiful destination such as Costa Rica, Alaska, Mexico, Bryce, Canada, Yosemite National Parks and Zion.

International Expeditions:

This company provides nature-tours and eco trips to different places comprising the Egypt, Amazon, India, Galapagos and Kenya. International Expeditions provides deep itineraries planned to explore the region's mortal of the country.

Intrepid Travel:

This is the niche adventure travel company which concentrates on taking customers out-of-the-way track to about ninety place over the world. On this typical tour you could trip in paths similar to localized people, respecting the environment and the culture. This travel tour operator company takes generally public transport, stay and dines in small local-owned organizations.

Small adventurous trips with classic journeys:

This company is specializes in small-group, boutique and soft adventurous trip. Classic journeys functions 3 types of tours: family journeying, cultural walking adventures and culinary trips.

Deciding where to go on your next family holiday? It's a tough job trying to please everyone when choosing a destination for the whole family... If you're big into adventure and you want a family adventure holiday, why not try and include a family safari? A beautiful African setting has all the ingredients needed for a unique family holiday. A family safari adventure will definitely be remembered as one of your children's best holidays...

A family safari is a great way for children to really discover the great outdoors, and see the amazing animals they've read about, in real life. Right from the start, this is an experience like no other - you'll hear the animals, you'll see them in their natural habitat, and you're kept completely safe by the experienced safari guides. Whether you want a walking safari or a safari drive, you'll see it all.

Luxury African travel specialist Mahlatini and luxury tour operator travel services put together itineraries that are ideal for family adventure holidays, incorporating both South Africa and Mauritius. One family safari begins with an adventure at Kwandwe Game Reserve, where you can experience big game viewing, with the added bonus of being malaria-free. This is perfect for your little ones especially if it's their first safari. From here you can fly down to Port Elizabeth for a self-drive journey along the Garden Route, one of South Africa's prominent areas for fine wine and fine food, and ending up on the coast in Plettenberg Bay. To continue the adventure theme of your family holiday, activities at Plettenberg Bay include mountain biking, horse riding, quad biking and beach excursions.

You then continue to drive west to Walker Bay where you can enjoy long walks, horse riding and some animal watching including African penguins, cape fur seals, great white sharks and dolphins.

To end your family adventure holiday on a high, you can fly across to Mauritius where you can relax with a few days on the beach, where there are excellent water sports facilities and superb children's clubs to keep your children entertained.

There are plenty of tour operators out there who specialise in adventure. For example, upmarket operator Black Tomato can put all sorts of interesting itineraries together Exodus Travel and Trailfinders are two other good options for family adventure holidays in the Alps.

The benefit of choosing a tailor-made tour operator, whose experts can put together an itinerary that's specifically created to suit your individual needs, is that you'll get exactly what you hoped for, rather than choosing a one-size-first-all family adventure holidays package.

Kate Ransby, the author, makes suggestions of places you can plan to go on family adventure holidays. And going on a family safari is one of the most adventurous options you have.


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